Don't Break the Bank

I think I subscribe to every reputable wedding newsletter. I rarely have time to read them, but the Wedding Channel recently put out an article that I think is fantastic. There are more hidden costs in the planning process than you would think. As a bride in the throes of planning, I think this is a great check list to capture unforeseen costs.

Check out the article for lots of detail, but I've added some of my own personal notes below:

1. Wedding Dress Alterations (they are not always included with the dress)
2. Rain-Plan Tent
3. Non-Approved Vendors (ask your venue for an approved vendor list or what their policy is)
4. Breakdown and Cleanup Costs (don't ask your family to do this, budget for it)
5. Reception Band or DJ Equipment
6. Postage Stamps
7. Parking (I thought of everything, right? ...the jury is still out on how this will pan out for our wedding)
8. Officiant Fees (this should be a given and is listed in every planning book I've seen)
9. Photo and Video Overtime
10. Welcome Bag Delivery (I find that most hotels at least give them out at check-in free of charge)
11. Holiday Weekend Fees (this eliminated some venues for our Thanksgiving wedding)
12. Corkage Fees
13. Bartender Fees
14. Rental Transportation
15. Taxes (It's a killer....this alone upped my food budget by $500)
16. Cake Cutting Fee
17. Coat Check
18. Gratuities
19. Overtime Costs (request that your caterer and venue give you a maximum charge so you know what your range is)
20. Building Fees

Happy Planning!


Anonymous said...

i saw your comment on the kids map in the renovation on another blog...i am pretty sure it is from landofnod.com

hope i don't lead you on a wild goose chase.


Kari said...

I saw your comment on 4 men and a lady about the fabulous map in the open house kid's bedroom, it's Pottery Barn.

Kari @ the Sunset Lane

Carl said...

Cake cutting fee?!? What the heck is that?

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