Calling All Brides (and Photographers)

Starting in August, I will begin accepting photos from brides and photographers and posting them on AWS! Please read the following before submitting your wedding or your work.

-Please have written permission from your photographer before sending me images (Even better, have your photographer send me the images)
-Send up to 10 images (I will select the final images to be used in the post)*
-Describe your inspiration for the day
-Provide you and your husband's first names
-Provide date and location of your wedding
-List your vendors (preferably with a link)

-Send up to 10 images (I will select the final images to be used in the post)
-Describe working with the couple and your interpretation of the day
-Provide the bride and groom's first names
-Provide the date and location of the wedding
-List any vendors that you know were used (preferably with a link)

You're also welcome to send engagement shoots, showers, etc. Any wedding event is welcome.

Submit to: stephanie.eliteoccasions@gmail.com

*Please only send professional images. Aisle with Style will use discretion when choosing images and can choose to not use any or all images submitted.



Heather Cherie said...

ooooooooo. I'd love to do that! :) I even have a wedding in Tulsa on August 28. :)

Stephanie said...

Oooh! Please send the August wedding! Engagements, too! :)

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