Can you really ride out the rain?

I'm headed to a wedding in the Panhandle of Florida this weekend. (I actually get to attend this one!) I can't wait to get there and spend time with great friends, but the weather looks dreadful for the entire weekend. While tropical storms aren't a threat for every bride, no amount of wishing, good luck and prayers will save your wedding from rain. If it's going to rain, it's going to rain! Let reality set in now...when getting married outside you must plan ahead. You must have a plan B!

Plan B:
1. Book a church, chapel or hotel to accommodate your guests if the weather does not permit an outdoor ceremony. Make plans to inform guests of the change a day or two prior to the event. You may want to have someone at the original site to direct people to the new location. It should be easy to get to, and don't forget to provide maps for guests.
2. Will you decorate both places? You may want to think of decorations that can work both on the beach (or at the park, backyard, etc) and indoors. You've planned a gazebo for the outdoor ceremony, but you can likely use it inside as well.
3. Talk to all your vendors and make sure the florist, party rental, bakery and caterer all know what to expect if there is a change related to weather.

4. If you chose to proceed with your outdoor ceremony and bad weather is still be a risk, have a plan to keep your guests as dry as possible. One option would be to purchase or rent large sports-size umbrellas in a color that coordinates (or at least does not clash) with your decor. If you chose to rent umbrellas you may want to check out Bella Umbrellas, they have umbrellas in every color!
5. Don't let a little rain (or a lot of rain) ruin your celebration. Roll with the punches and enjoy time with the friends and family who are there to love and support you!

Stay dry,

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