First Post of the Season

It’s wedding season once again and with a little nudge from a good friend, I’m jumping into the blogging world. I plan weddings for fun and it truly is my passion! With every wedding I coordinate, I learn new tips and come up with crazy ideas to top the last wedding.

This weekend was absolutely a blast. I worked with one of the greatest photographers I know, Benfield Photography. The couple, Alyssa and Ryan, have mad style (as you can see from their engagement pictures). Their ceremony and reception were at Camp Loughridge in Tulsa, OK. The skies parted and the sun finally arrived for the big event! They were easy going and couldn’t be more in love. I appreciate that so much in a couple.

Here are a few tips on working with your ceremony and reception location to ensure a seamless event:
1. When signing your contract, be sure that all times are listed in the contract with pricing and late fees. It’s no fun to find out you owe and extra $1000 because you weren’t out of your reception hall fast enough.
2. Be sure to have a list of all acceptable going away paraphernalia (ie: fresh petals, bird seed, sparklers, butterflies, etc.)
3. Have all cell phone numbers for location staff listed and given to the responsible party. If anything goes wrong, someone needs quick access to the people in charge.
4. Check with the location vendor to make sure all landscaping will be maintained and cleaned up before the event. This can be a problem if you’re having a spring or early summer wedding when planting is in full swing.
5. Always check to see if a security guard is available to be on call or on site. With so many people and presents around, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes watching purses and gifts.

Happy Monday,

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Jannah said...

Hooray for your new blog! Wise advice, as always.

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