Thanksgiving Wedding from Martha Stewart

I hope everyone had a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving season. If you weren't with family, I trust you spent the holiday with dear friends. I hope you ate too much, shopped too much, watched too much football and laughed uncontrollably! My family did all of the above. In the coming days, I'll be posting holiday pictures taken by my cousin Carrie -of Pink Peppercorn Catering, but first I want to share this Thanksgiving themed wedding from Martha Stewart.

Weddings and Thanksgiving have a lot in common (both should celebrate family, blessings and great food!)and I have always thought having a wedding around such a thankful holiday would be a great way to begin new life with your love. This wedding has an intimate atmosphere and all the fixins to go with it. It does not disappoint and is still chic beyond belief!

Thanksgiving Wedding from Martha Stewart
(Photo Credits: A Bryan Photo)



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