I've been SO out of touch with the Internet and Blog Land! I spent 10 days near Dublin, Ireland with 15 of the most amazing people. We worked with a church to put on a day camp for about 100 kids. We also cleaned some toilets, passed out fliers & did ANYTHING the church asked us to do. We did a good bit of sight-seeing as well. I believe I left a piece of my heart in Ireland with the church, our new friends and the beautiful land.

If you want to catch up on all that we did in Ireland you can head over to our trip blog: Woodlake Ireland 2010.

Here are a few of my favorite moments (my most favorite moments were hanging with the kids, but can't share those with you here because of laws in Ireland)...

The Gang at the Tulsa Airport

The Path of Adventure at the Japanese Gardens

A cute door to add to my awesome international door collection

Rainy day at Glendalough

At the beach with my friend Stephanie

Another great door -This is at St. Mark's Church in Dublin. John Wesley used to speak here. Yup, that's how old it is! Pretty cool, huh? And it's still a thriving church today!

Thank you for letting me share about my summer adventure! I hope you're getting to have your own adventure this summer! I'll be back with a bevy of wedding posts this coming week....promise!


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