Bridesmaid gift idea for your winter wedding: Fleece-lined Plush tights

Tights can be a really fun way to mix up your bridesmaids' style, especially in the cooler months.

While picking up a pair of fabulous-fitting jeans at the Denim Bar before my Groupon could expire, I came across these ingenious tights by Plush.

They are fleece-lined so they keep you nice and warm without adding any bulk! Don't you just love it when form and function come together so nicely? I tried mine on last night and they were oh-so comfortable, soft, and flattering. They were even thin enough to wear with heels.

If you are getting married when or where the weather could prove to be frightful, these might be a great way to pull off a short bridesmaid dress and keep your lovely friends warm and smiling on your big day. (Teeth chattering can be so distracting when you're trying to say "I do.") Plus, unlike that persimmon or fuchsia dress that you chose, your 'maids actually will wear these again, to the tune of skirts and dresses with boots and heels even when Jack Frost is in town.

After braving harsh temperatures in NYC and feeling as though her style suffered because of it, designer Jennifer Kim dreamed these up. Thanks, Jennifer! Her products come in a variety of styles, including leggings and hats.

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Stephanie said...

I'm buying these immediately!!! Thanks for the find Jannah.

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