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My best friend Summer happens to be professional makeup artist and I asked her to give my readers tips for applying your own makeup and on hiring a professional to do it. She went above and beyond! Take it away, Summer...

So, your big day is on the way and approaching quicker than you expected...you've picked out everything from the dress to the cake, flowers and photographer.  Now it's time to figure out what in the world to do about your makeup.  As a professional makeup artist for many brides, I always encourage them to look like themselves, just bumped up a few notches.  You want to look your best on your wedding day, so that means doing more to your makeup than you do on a regular basis, but still looking like yourself.

Three things I love about bridal makeup:

1.  The eyes

It's all about your eyes on your wedding day!  I think subtle smokey eyes are the perfect bridal look.  Fake eyelashes by Ardell are a guaranteed way to enhance your eyes, then go over them with a water resistant gel liner by Bobbi Brown or MAC.  Add some volume with mascara (also waterproof please).

2.  Flawless looking skin

In the weeks prior to your wedding be sure to wash your face and moisturize...do not skip even one night!  Now is not the time to have a reason for a blemish.  To acheive flawless looking skin on my brides I use a waterproof, silicon based foundation.  This glides on skin not settling into pores and fine lines.  Even if you have never worn foundation it is a must on your wedding day.

3.  Glow

To achieve a glow on your big day...or should I say to enhance the glow you will already have that day, use a blush to brighten your cheeks.  You will want to apply more than usual so it will pick up in pictures.  Use a gold toned Shimmer Brick (by Bobbi Brown) or powder to highlight your cheekbones, this will show up in pictures and look gorgeous.  Don't forget to add a touch of shimmer lip gloss on top of your lipstick to add a little glow to your lips.

Three makeup tips to remember:
1.  Schedule a consultation:  I recommend hiring a freelance makeup artist, like myself, that will come on location the day of your wedding to do your makeup.  I realize that is not in everyone's budget, so whether you hire a professional, go to the counter or have your best friend or yourself do your makeup schedule a consultation.  In a consultation you can try out the products to be used on the day of and see how they look and wear throughout the day on your skin.  An added tip, if you are going to a counter, request the same makeup artist for the consultation and day of and book your appointments in advance, don't just show up!

2.  Touch Up:  While your makeup should stay in place if done professionaly, you will still want a few touch up items on hand.  Pressed powder-simply to powder your nose or forehead, this is a must for brides prone to oily skin.  Blush-if you are a blush girl like me and like color, you may want to add a little blush at some point during the reception.  Lip products-I give my brides their lipstick and gloss in a sample pot with a lip brush so they can touch up.  Whatever your lip products are, have your maid of honor keep up with them so you can touch up as needed.

3.  Wear Waterproof:  Waterproof eye products are a must on your wedding day!  Even if you think you won't cry there is still a possiblity, so use waterproof to ensure everything will stay in place.  I also recommend waterproof foundation, this is especially important if you are getting married outdoors or during the heat and humidity of the summer.  I use Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup, other lines offer waterproof foundation as well, it is definitely something worth looking into!

For more tips and tricks on makeup visit my blog, Makeup Montage.  I wish all of you well in your wedding planning, blushing and brushing!


Thanks Summer! 

What great tips? If you're in the Tulsa area and are looking for a makeup artist be sure to give her a shout!

Happy Planning!

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