Tornado E-Session

This e-session happens to be near and dear to my heart. It happens to be my own, and in true Oklahoma style it came outfitted with a tornado. It's just not very Oklahoma without one.

I have really fantastic photographers, Benfield Photography, who drove on over to Tulsa from Fayetteville to take our pictures. Any normal couple would have rescheduled with a tornado in sight, but Mr. NY and I were moving all of my 27 years worth of belongings to NY the very next day. Rescheduling was not an option.

We started shooting before the rain came, but also had fun under umbrellas and in the midst of some crazy WIND. The rest of the pictures are coming soon, but first check out this teaser from a recent Benfield Photography blog post.

It stopped raining for a moment and Dale captured the amazing sky that Oklahoma produces during a tornado. I just love how it turned out.

I will follow up with more pictures, the breakdown of our locations and what I wore very soon.

Happy Planning!

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Jannah said...

LOVE love love love love love love.

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