Impromptu Dinner Party!

Two posts in 1 week! Let's see if I can make it three! I seem to want to post in lump sum rather than posting consistently. Sorry, I think that's just what happens when I get busy, but I am trying to post more consistently. I always have a 1000 posts swimming around in my head. I can't ever seem to get them all down on paper (or uploaded to the Internet, it's not really paper...is it?). If it weren't for that pesky day job! :)

I had girlfriends over for dinner Sunday night to put off Monday coming just a little longer. I made The Pioneer Woman's Penne a la Betsy (shrimp w/tomato cream sauce, named for PW's kid sister). We had a few laughs, yummy wine and delicious pasta!

Even though these girls are in-and-out of my home often, I felt like making it just a lil' special and put a floral arrangement together. I spent $12 at my local grocery store and pulled out a simple glass vase. In 15 minutes I had an arrangement done.

I'm not a professional and have never had a floral design class, but I've seen how enough arrangements are put together and always try to bring those elements into my own home.

Here's how I did it:
1. I chose 3 types of flowers and kept them all white. Clean and simple.
2. I made a grid across the top of the vase with tape to help hold my flowers in place. I'm sure there is special tape for this, but my desk drawer only has scotch tape. I cut the strips in half lengthwise, so they wouldn't be too thick. I used 4 strips of tape to create 9 sections. Here's a how-to video:
Making Tape Grids for Flower Arrangements.
3. I cut my flowers under running water and made each cut at an angle.
4. I started with the tallest flowers in the middle sections and worked my way out from there. At the end I filled in the center with a few extra daisies for fullness.

The Result:

Probably not perfection by most standards, but the girls loved it! Don't think that just because you're on a budget you can't create a special atmosphere. Whether it's for girlfriends not quite ready for Monday to arrive, a baby shower, bridal brunch or just because, you can do it for less than $15!

Try to do your own floral for your next casual and impromptu get-together! The result and your ability may surprise you.


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