Birdcage Veils: My Obsession.

I’m obsessed with birdcage veils! I've even been dreaming of them lately. Most recently, I dreamt that I not only wore a birdcage veil for the ceremony, but changed into a very chic navy blue hat/veil combination for the get-away moment…something like this:

(Source Unknown)

Forget dreaming about the beau, dream about the veil!

This veil has long been my inspiration and will continue to inspire me:

To me, a birdcage veil is flirty, feminine, and so very fun! If you’re in the market for a great birdcage veil try these sites:

1. Kasia Fink Veils
2. BatCakes Couture
Unveiled Bridal Designs
4. Castle Bride
5. Hats by Leko


1 comment:

madamesoleil said...

I love LOVE the getaway hat/veil idea. So gorgeous!

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