Addressing Invitations, Part I

After you've downloaded and printed the free invitations, what's next on your list? Oh yes, you must address said invitations. While many people use clear labels and print their addresses, handwriting them is a hard-and-fast rule for me.

What kind of pen should you use? If you can afford to higher a talented calligrapher, please, by all means, do so! If you can't afford one and aren't a talented calligrapher yourself (I'm left-handed and we lefties always struggle with calligraphy!), try the new Sharpie Pen. They don't bleed through paper, they don't smear and they provide very fluid ink.

I purchased a pack of black, blue and red pens this weekend. I'm totally and fabulously in heaven. Here's a picture of the pen I've been using to make my 'to do' list this morning.

There are so many steps to getting your invitations out the door. Hopefully the following tips from Emily Post's Wedding Planner will help you get your invitations mailed on time.

1. Allow plenty of time to address, assemble, and mail your invitations.
2. Arrange each element that goes into an invitation in a stack, in the order it will be picked up, assembled, and inserted.
3. Organize the master guest list in useful form, such as on file cards, in a computer database.
4. Before you buy stamps, have a completely assembled invitation (or two variations: one for local guests, another for out-of-town guests that may include additional enclosures) weighed at the post office.
5. Look for pretty stamps that will complement the look of your envelope.
6. Insertions go on top of the printed side of the invitation inside the inner (if used) or outer envelope. Tissues are optional.
7. If you are using response cards, lightly mark the back of each card with an identifying number in case guests neglect to write in their names when they RSVP. (Check out this great tracking idea from
Wedding Bee: RSVP Tracking.)
8. Before sealing the outer envelope, double- and triple-check that the names on the inner and outer envelopes match up.

I'll be back this afternoon with Part II on how to address the outer vs. inner invitation and how to address the invite for a doctor, clergy, families, etc.

First, here's a beautiful visual quick tip from Betsy White Stationery Boutique:


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