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Who doesn't love dessert and pretty cakes. My mind is always going back to the food (that may be as a result of my own personal love affair with yummy bites). I really think if you feed your guests they'll all walk away happy...even if your creepy uncle hit on all your college girlfriends! Check out these beautiful cakes for inspiration, and never forget that pretty cakes also need to taste great. Be watching for more bakery tips in the near future.


This is such a unique cake! If you're looking for a funky wedding cake in Hawaii, check out Cake Lava.

(Cake Lava via SMP)

(Carla Ten Eyck via SMP)

Jonas Peterson via GLW)

This incredible cake is from my favorite Chicago Bakery!
Colorful Cake Post

(Lisa Lefkowitz via SMP)

This cake is from Frosted Pumpkin. Don't you just love the name? If you're in the ATL or NYC area, check out their gallery of wedding cakes!

(Frosted Pumpkin via SMP)

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madamesoleil said...

I love the teal and gold feathery cake! I pulled that image aside to show Amanda a couple of weeks ago. Great minds think alike :-)

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