Etsy Wedding Review: October Edition & Giveaway

Birds of a Feather

I really detest live birds. I think they're dirty and usually have bad attitudes! But oh how I love feathers, nests and birds when it comes to decor. My own personal home reflects this love. I've done some digging on Etsy this month and have uncovered really fabulous finds for your special day. I even found a fabric bouquet with feathers that is to die for. I want to buy it now and save it for my own wedding someday. (No, I won't actually do it....i understand that would be creepy.)

In addition to listing great finds this month, I've teamed up with Molly from Bobbi Jordan, for a fantastic jewelry giveaway! Bobbi Jordan is a noteworthy Etsy shop that I originally featured
here. Continue reading for Giveaway details...

October Etsy Edition: Birds of a Feather
From top left: Save the Date Shipping Tag Magnets from Sunshine and Ravioli $30 - Champagne Blanc Feather Earrings from Katinka Pinka $16 - Vintage Silver Astoria Hair Accessory from Lulu Splendor $49 - Maisie Handmade Ivory Bridal Headpiece from Bethany Lorelle $209 - Bicycle Save-the-Date from Cheer Up Cherup $2/card - Bird on a Branch Silk Clutch from Clutch That $72 - Cream Velvet Flower Hat from Bat Cakes Couture $150 - Bird Nest Pendant Necklace from Bobbi Jordan GIVEAWAY - Woodland Silhouette Table Numbers from Sunshine and Ravioli $2.75/ea - Whimsical Nature Nest from Into the Looking Glass $26 - Feather Boutonniere with Berry Beads from Into the Looking Glass $15 - Wedded Bliss Sash from Icing 101 $55 - Winter Wonderland Bouquet from Milkpod Studio $360 - Swarovski Crystal Flower Veil with Ostrich Plumes from Bat Cakes Couture $195 - Cecille Garter from Belle Nouvelle Designs $59.50

Giveaway Details: Bobbi Jordan has graciously offered to giveaway one beautiful and delicate Bird Nest Pendant Necklace.

Here are the rules:

1. Go to the
Bobbi Jordan Etsy shop and pick out your favorite piece.
2. Leave me a comment telling me about that piece.
3. Only one entry per person.
4. No anonymous comments, please.

Entry Deadline: 5:00 pm CST, Friday, October 23, 2009

Note: Winners will be chosen by RANDOM.ORG.



madamesoleil said...

I'm totally with you. I love birds in my decor but only like to see birds in the wild from afar. Truth be told I have had more than one nightmare where a bird sneaked into the house and terror ensued!

I am totally in love with the bird nest necklace from Bobbi Jordan, but I also LOVE the O i s e a u de N o c e hair piece at http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31355560. It's so elegant!

Rosemary said...

I'm honored to have my clutch featured on such a beautiful blog and with so many gorgeous things!

Stenders said...

This is so fun. Thanks for all the great ideas and fun giveaways!

I love the BLUE JAY.. Petite Oxidized Silver 3 egg pearl Birds Nest Necklace 16 inch oxidized chain.

What a cool, inventive idea. I love unique pieces. I think this necklace is simple and elegant.

meredith said...

OMG!! I looked on the store and loved everything but my absolute favorite is the charm bracelet named Meredith! So funny!!!
It's awesome and vintage and unique!

Erin T said...

Beautiful things! It makes me want to have a fairytale wedding minus all the cost and family drama. Okay, I just want to wear a really poofy dress and sparkly things for a day. : )

I love the Pavot des Plumes feathered hair piece. Very romantic.

You don't have to enter me into the contest. I'm having another weird allergic reaction to metals, so I couldn't wear it anyway. :( Just wanted to add my two cents.

Stacie said...

I love the Two Parent Birds and Nest....Sterling Silver. Freshwater Pearl. Necklace....

I think it would go with so many different looks. What a timeless piece.

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