Yellow. The Color of Summer.

My mother's wedding took place in July 1968. Her mother wore yellow and I've always adored this picture of them together just before she walked down the aisle in what I would say is great 60's style. Yellow has always been a great color for summer.


This is the first picture of my mother and father as a married couple. Since I'm posting a picture of their wedding, I couldn't help but post this one as well. They will be married 42 years in July. It's quite incredible, and I'm so proud of them.


Now on to the goods. I've scrounged up my favorite yellow wedding finds for your wedding day. Yellow is such a happy color and is full of life. These items will surely bring life to your big day.

Think outside the box! Hang this in the background for your ceremony or your cake.

Two precious (and yellow) flower girl dresses!

Happy Planning in Yellow!



Carrie R said...

Wow...you look so much like your mom in these pictures. So pretty!

mendlbarr said...

Beautiful!!! So honoured to have been included in such a stunning blog! Thanks! :)

Bonzie said...

What a gorgeous heartfelt posting. Delighted to be included with such terrific company, thanks ever so much.


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