Etiquette Lessons Learned

Emily Post is an institution. I'm a rule follower so I like her very much. I like her even more because the rules of etiquette she has deemed appropriate come from the heart. I once read that "etiquette is simply polite kindnesses." (Side note: if you know where that quote came from please let me know. I read it somewhere a decade or so ago and would love to know where it came from.) I believe that meaning whole-heartedly.

That being said, I'm learning how to take correction when it is needed. In doing a little poking around on Emily Post's Web site, I came across an article called, Wedding E-mail Do's and Don'ts. It totally put me in my place and made me realize that with new times, new rules must be born. You can still follow the theme of "polite kindnesses" and incorporate e-mail.

From the article...
E-mail No's:
-Wedding invitations
-Thank you notes
-When discussing personal or thorny issues.
-When the groundwork hasn't been properly laid.

E-mail Go's:
-"Save the Date" notices.
-Wedding invitation replies.
-Wedding announcements.
-Invitations to informal or casual engagement parties, bridal showers, and other pre-wedding get-togethers.
-Information on lodging, etc.
-Wedding updates.

With so much technology, the family of Emily Post has successfully honored traditional views on etiquette while still supporting and giving guidance on how to utilze all the new ways of communicating with friends and loved ones. May all your wedding moments be full of polite kindnesses and not resemble the modern day bridezillas.

Happy Planning!


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