Post Oak Lodge: Layne & Kyle

I ran across this local Oklahoma wedding photographed by Austin Gros (Nashville Photographer) on the Bride's Cafe. It immediately caught my eye! The venue is Post Oak Lodge, just northwest of downtown Tulsa. It's a gorgeous location for weddings. Please head on over to Post Oak's Web site for more information on having your wedding there.

As I looked closer at the pictures, I was happily surprised to see that I knew one of the bridesmaids. My friend Haley from high school is the bride's cousin. In the bridesmaid picture below, she is just to the left of the bride. This bridal party couldn't be more casually chic, now could they?!? Skirts paired with casual tops are perfect for a hot August day in Oklahoma!

Congratulations Layne & Kyle!

Happy planning to all my Oklahoma brides!



Michelle said...

Loooved the wooden sign so much I pinned it!

Donna said...

This post inspired me to create a direction sign for my son's wedding. I posted about it this morning with a shout out to you of course. Thank for sharing such wonderful inspiration!

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