Bakery Booked & Vendor Spotlight

I'm checking things off my to do list left and right. One of the crucial pieces is our bakery. This was really a no brainer. I didn't even get quotes from more other bakeries. (Soap Box: that's a do what I say not what I do situation. You should always seek out best pricing & service. I have worked with my selected bakery on several other projects and didn't feel the need to be more informed than I already was. Stepping down now.) I knew exactly what I wanted and I couldn't wait to get it booked.

Click here for my post on my cake inspiration.

Where is my delectable cake coming from you ask??? Icing on the Top it is. Owner, Jennifer Jones, was introduced to me before I even moved back to Tulsa and started planning weddings again. I have never had cake from her that wasn't delicious and she has the ability to create amazing cakes.

Jennifer's work is award winning. Check out some of her wedding cakes below and let me know what you think. All photos from Icing on the Top gallery except where noted.

Personal photo from a client's wedding.

If you need a cake for any special occasion or wedding in the Tulsa area, be sure to contact Jennifer and her team at Icing on the Top. They will take great care of you and you will not be disappointed!

Icing on the Top
Owner: Jennifer Jones
Phone: 918.828.0399
Web site: www.icingonthetop.com
Location: 111 West 5th Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

Happy Planning,


ELThiele said...

I love the white swirls on white and the b&w squared cake the best. She does do great work! Congrats!

Teri said...

I love Icing on The Top...Leslie used them for her wedding and we used them for the baby shower too, they do such great work!

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