Most Popular Posts from 2010

Google makes it so nice and easy to check the stats on my blog. It can be addictive to see what people like to look at most (and helpful to know what topics you want more of).

Here are the 5 most popular posts from 2010:

5. Destination Dresses -This post shows off 10 really great dresses for your destination wedding.
Originally posted: 10/04/2010

4. Free Download Friday: Candy Buffet -I started posting free downloads to make your life easier. I hope it really helps. This is not only the most popular download, it's my absolute favorite!
Originally posted: 10/01/2010

3. E-Session: Scott & Amanda -In the short time since Jannah has joined AWS as a contributor, her posts have become quite popular! I'm so thrilled for y'll to see what's coming in 2011. Jannah -you're a fabulous partner in crime. Thank you!
Originally posted: 11/15/2010

2. Carol Hannah Whitfield -I posted fab dresses from my favorite southern Project Runway designer!
Originally posted: 12/02/10

And now for the most popular post of the year....

1. Pocket Bridesmaid Dresses -This post also made my personal list of favorites (posted here, yesterday). I love pockets in dresses. Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid or even the wedding planner (I always have pockets in a dress when I'm planning. It's a must!)
Originally posted: 02/11/2010

Once again, thank you all for hanging in and keeping up with my musings and ideas. I appreciate you!

Happy Planning!


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